November Greetings!

Hello Everyone,

What terrific weather for a November weekend! I hope you all have been able to enjoy some outdoor time even though you may not be at the lake. A couple fishermen were seen on the lake today and the sun that sits lower in the sky is gorgeous shimmering off the water. It is a quieter time here but still beautiful. The lake has had a couple small cyanobacteria outbreaks along the shoreline of Webster Avenue in the past 2-3 weeks. I have contacted Amanda McQuaid and she said these late season blooms are not uncommon and there have been many others at different lakes in the state. We had a great summer season without any bloom outbreaks. These small blooms are reminders to stay vigilant with our efforts to keep nutrient loading at bay. The lake level is very low and shallow at the Webster Ave end, this could have some effect on the bloom.

You should have received your Fall newsletter. I hope you enjoyed the articles and I want to thank everyone who has sent dues in response to the reminder letter you may have received in the newsletter. Your dues is important and helps us continue to keep our lake healthy. The Lake Host program provides monitors to check boats entering and exiting the lake on weekends in the summer. Our VLAP water testing program provides information to DES which records trends on the health of our lake. We will be facing a challenge in the Spring of paying for the mitigation of variable milfoil in Chance Pond.

We are also trying to update and clean up our WLA database. If you have had any changes to your email or mailing address, please let me know. It has been decided that we will no longer mail the newsletters to members who are not current with their dues. We will continue to keep you on our email list as we want you to be informed of lake issues and activities. The newsletters and other information can be seen on our website at Thank you again for your continued support.

Sales for the WLA calendars have been active. If you haven’t purchased one yet, go to They make great gifts for the coming holidays. Thank you for supporting this fundraising project.

In my last email, I expressed our sympathies to the Hinds family who lost their parents. Sadly, we have lost another Webster Lake family member. Please keep Laurie Salame and Karen Kosovsky in your thoughts, as their dad, Morris passed away last week. He and his family have enjoyed Webster Lake for over 60 years.
His family directed donations be made to the WLA in his memory. We are grateful for all the donations made in honor of these members who loved the lake. Our sympathies to Laurie and Karen and their families.

I continue to wish you all well and remind everyone to stay safe. We could be facing difficult months and challenges ahead. We will get through it together. As Veterans’ Day approaches, I would like to thank those, in our Webster Lake family, who have served and are serving our country.

Take care,

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