Welcome to Webster Lake

The Lakes Region Best Kept Secret!!

Welcome to Webster Lake

The Lakes Region Best Kept Secret!!

Welcome to Webster Lake

The Lakes Region Best Kept Secret!!

Welcome to Webster Lake

The Lakes Region Best Kept Secret!!

Welcome to Webster Lake

The Lakes Region Best Kept Secret!!

Welcome to Webster Lake

The Webster Lake Association, incorporated in 1974, exists to preserve, promote, and educate members and others interested in the ecological and environmental quality of the lake, and to enhance the opportunities for recreation, social welfare, and community improvement and enjoyment. 

Today’s view of the Lake!

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Happy Early Memorial Day!

Hi Everyone, Activity is picking up around the lake and the weather is trying to be more consistent with the season. The WLA Spring edition of the newsletter was mailed today to everyone on our mailing list. Thank you to Mark Field for again designing a great looking...


Hi Everyone, With May Day yesterday and Cinco de Mayo on Friday, we've flipped another page over on the calendar. Let's hope the April showers that are carrying over into May will give us some beautiful flowers and leaves soon. The grass is certainly turning green!!...

Ice Out 2023!

Hi Everyone, Our beautiful lake has returned with Ice Out declared this afternoon, Saturday April 8th!! Strong winds all day yesterday and today moved the ice quickly from the north end of the lake to the southern shore. This is such a cool transformation to watch and...

Officially Spring! 2023

Hi Everyone, Spring has arrived and the countdown to Ice Out has begun! The bob houses have been removed from the lake and water is appearing around the shoreline. That being said the forecast is calling for some snow tomorrow!! It has been a strange winter for sure...

Snow Greetings!

Hi Everyone, Yes it finally snowed, but not quite as much as anticipated. Looks like 4 inches of heavy snow on the ground and covering the trees. It makes for a beautiful picture. What a crazy non winter it has been, but maybe we are in for a turnaround as the weather...

Ice In – 2022

Hi Everyone, Christmas Day is our official "Ice In" this year. The lake froze over last weekend after the frigid weather came through and the temperatures for the next few days kept it frozen, measuring around 4 inches thick. But with temperatures predicted to be way...

Happy Holidays – 2022

Hello Everyone, Snow has been falling all day today, making for a winter wonderland! It finally feels like winter and the holiday season. We had some ice forming on the lake at the beginning of the week, but very strong winds on Wednesday quickly sent it to the...

The Steadman Pavilion

Learn about it’s history and how to book the pavilion for your event.

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Be sure to visit the WLA Store. Actually we have two store sites: One for Calendar-related items and one for clothing and other items with Webster Lake logos on them. If you have a new logo to submit, please send to info@websterlakenh.com.

Protecting the Shoreland for a Clean & Healthy Webster Lake

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2023 Calendars for Sale!

The WLA 2023 Calendar is now available for sale! Once again we have an amazing calendar filled with beautiful photographs of our lake.

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