Spring Hello!

Hi Everyone,

The WLA Spring newsletter was mailed at the beginning of the week. I hope it has arrived in your mailbox and you will enjoy reading it. Once again Mark Field has created a beautiful design for the content given him. His expertise is most appreciated. Thank you!

We are still living in very uncertain times. I hope you and your families are all staying safe and healthy. Many thanks once again to those of you who may be working on the front line.

The lake is coming alive. Last Sunday, with the temperature in the 70’s, there were many walkers and boaters around the lake. The loons have returned and it is great to hear them talking. Docks are back in the water. The level of the lake has been a little high but the dam bureau is aware and monitoring the status on a weekly basis. Right now it is good for launching boats. I have had a couple inquiries about the dredging of the boat launch. Last Fall, I spoke with Fish & Game, as they own the Lagace Beach boat launch. They informed me they had given the City of Franklin permission to do the dredging. When I spoke with Municipal Services, they indicated things were in place to do this project. However, it didn’t get done. A couple weeks ago, I spoke with them again and I was told it was on the schedule to be done, however, no specific date was given to me. I will be following up again with them. In a recent NH Lakes newsletter, there was an interesting video about lake rejuvenation in the Spring. See below.


As mentioned in the newsletter, Rowell’s Services is running a special for septic system pumping. I received this flyer from them and have included it as a reminder to check your systems. Remember regular septic system maintenance is important to the health of our lake. This is only a reminder and the WLA does not endorse any particular company for service.

Sara Steiner, from DES, has informed me she is hopeful the VLAP, water testing program, will be able to start in June. She is developing guidelines for laboratory and field operations, as well as how volunteers will sample safely. As I hear more, I will let you know. This is an integral program to understanding the health of our lake.

The WLA calendar of events is set, however, like so many other things in our lives, decisions about if these events will happen need to be made. As the WLA Board of Directors make a decision, I will inform you.

It is my hope that families will be able to enjoy the summer at Webster Lake, however it could be somewhat different than past years.
Take care everyone and stay safe.


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