WLA 2022 Annual Meeting

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you made it through the heat wave we just had, certainly very hot temperatures and high humidity. The lake was a great place to be for residents or vacationers. Looks like we could be in for some more hot temperatures next week as well. This has been a great summer so far. It is hard to believe we are at the end of July already. As the calendar turns over to August I want to remind all of you of the WLA Annual meeting to be held next Saturday, August 6th at the Franklin Library conference room. This is located upstairs in the library. We will have coffee from 9:00-9:30am with the meeting to follow. This year’s guest speaker will be the City of Franklin Mayor, Jo Brown. Many things are happening in the city of Franklin and the mayor will be able to give us all updates. After the mayor’s presentation, there will be a brief Question and Answer period.

The WLA business meeting will follow. I have attached an agenda for all of you to review. One of the items on the agenda is a discussion and vote on the revision of the WLA Bylaws. The WLA board of directors discussed some revisions at last September’s and this June’s board meeting. Thank you to Laurie Salame who has put those revisions in a draft for everyone to review and make comments. One revision that was made addresses electronic communication. The other revision addresses membership expansion and eligibility to vote at the annual meeting. Please review this draft and bring any comments to the meeting. The draft is in PDF format. To help save on paper and cost of printing, please print out your own copy of these items if you wish to bring them to the meeting. I will be sending the Treasurer’s report in a separate email next week, once the Fiscal Year ends. You will also be able to pay your WLA dues at the meeting if you have not already done so. Thank you to everyone who has paid dues and made donations to the WLA this year.

WLA Board of Directors and Officers elections will also be held at the meeting. Our VP/Secretary Joan Ingersoll, has resigned from the board, effective in July. This creates an opening for a new board member. If you would like to become involved in the WLA, as a board member, please let me know and you will be nominated at the meeting. Deb Steadman’s term as a board member expires as of this meeting. If there are multiple people who would like to become board members, she will “retire”. New members can bring new ideas and energy to the board. Give it some thought. If you don’t want to become a board member, but would like to chair a special activity, that would be welcome as well. If your talent lies in writing, maybe you would like to be in charge of the WLA newsletter. Again, food for thought.

2021 Meeting Minutes

A reminder that photos are being submitted for the WLA calendar. Submissions must be made to Nancy Wolcott at nancy.wolcott.47@gmail.com by Labor Day, which is September 5th. It is always fun to see what lake images are captured by everyone! Also if you have any old lead tackle in your fishing equipment, you may bring it to the annual meeting for collection. It will then be given to the Loon Center as part of their Buy Back Tackle Program.

A special thank you to Mark Lorenze, Mark Pellegrini and Ralph Oliver for taking care of the beaver dam that was inhibiting water flow through Sucker Brook into the lake. The beavers had built quite a dam. The “beaver dam busters” determined it was easiest to break it up, rather than put the deceiver tube back in. They will be checking the area routinely for rebuilding of the dam. They are pretty clever animals and they are not discouraged from continuing to build. I have already been made aware that they have started another one, so the crew went back out again to break it up!

Enjoy a beautiful weekend and stay safe,

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