A Few Fall Reminders

As the Fall colors and chill in the air arrives, here are a few reminders:

  1. The draw down of the lake will start on October 14th and will be taken down 2 feet. If you have not taken your boat out, please plan accordingly. The draw down is done to prevent ice damage to the shoreline and prevent Spring flooding.
  2. Rowell’s Septic will be giving a discount to Webster Lake residents for septic tank pumping on Friday, October 11th and Tuesday, October 15th. If your tank is in need of pumping, you may give them a call to schedule an appointment on these days. Mention that you are a Webster Lake property owner.
  3. The WLA 2020 calendar is now on sale. There have been some brisk sales already. Thank you to those who have purchased calendars. Remember this is a WLA fundraiser. Go to http://www.createphotocalendars.com, click on the Shop button, and then type WLA in the search box. The 3 styles of calendars available should appear.
  4. The WLA Fall Newsletter is at the printer! Hopefully it will be appearing in your mailboxes in the next couple weeks. A big thank you to Mark Field for his expertise that gives it a very professional look. Enjoy reading it!
  5. Tom O’Brien, President of NH Lakes, delivered the CD3 Unit to Webster Lake yesterday.(See photo). It is parked in the boat trailer parking lot. It is here until next Thursday, Oct 10th. If you are in the area, please take a look and any feedback will be appreciated. I have put our name on the list to have it back next summer when there will be more boat traffic. This is an opportunity to heighten awareness and educate boaters on Aquatic Invasive Species.
  6. I received the results of our last water testing at the end of August. Our numbers look within normal parameters for the most part. It will be a few months before a more comprehensive report is available. I will share that information when it is available. We will keep vigilant in our practices of living lake friendly to preserve and protect our beautiful lake.
  7. On that note of lake friendly living, congratulations to Bill and Linda Stronge and Marcia Feener, who have been awarded LakeSmart status by NH Lakes. Both of them completed the online survey and LakeSmart representatives visited their property. After this evaluation they were notified of meeting the criteria for being LakeSmart. If you participate and are given this award, please let me know. Others have received letters of commendation, which means they are working towards becoming LakeSmart. It is a great program to learn more about what you can do and what you are doing to be lake friendly.

It is getting quieter and quieter on my walks, a sign that a new season has arrived. I hope you all will enjoy a beautiful Fall!


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