WLA Calendar for Sale

Hello Everyone,

The WLA 2020 Calendar is now available for sale! Once again we have an amazing calendar filled with beautiful photographs of our lake. Thank you to all the residents who shared their images for consideration in the calendar. Also a big thank you to Nancy Wolcott who generously volunteered her time to bring it all together. The calendar is available in 3 styles, wall, desk and poster.  Please go to http://www.createphotocalendars.com, click on the “Shop” button, then type WLA in the search field. All three options should appear. You may also click directly on the links below. The holidays are right around the corner and these would make great gifts for any lake lover.

Wall Calendar

[button link=”https://www.createphotocalendars.com/Store/WLA+2020+Wall+Calendar-3372955563″ type=”small” newwindow=”yes”] Buy Now[/button]

Desk Calendar

[button link=”https://www.createphotocalendars.com/Store/WLA+2020+Desk+Calendar-1806838871″ type=”small” newwindow=”yes”] Buy Now[/button]

Poster Calendar

[button link=”https://www.createphotocalendars.com/Store/WLA+2020+Poster+Calendar-6373061479″ type=”small” newwindow=”yes”] Buy Now[/button]

This weekend’s weather is making us feel like there is still plenty of summer left, but the calendar says Fall is here Monday! What a great weekend though to get those boats and docks out of the water.  We took our pontoon boat for its last ride of the season on Thursday. What a treat we had when Apollo, the baby loon, and Mom appeared. We stopped the boat and watched them feeding and diving for about 25 minutes. It was so calm and quiet, they were very close to us. What an amazing treat to see. If that wasn’t enough, as we continued on our “tour”, the eagle soared over head and rested in a tree top. A great memory to take us through the next season. I hope all of you can have one last special trip or moment before you have to leave us until next year!

I spoke with Brian Sullivan, Franklin Municipal Services, regarding the dredging of the boat launch. The city of Franklin has applied for a permit to do the dredging, but it won’t occur until after the draw down of the lake, hopefully. If it doesn’t get done then, it will be done after the ice is out in the Spring. Remember the lake draw down will occur the week of Columbus Day.

Good bye summer and Hello Fall,

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