As of Wednesday, April 17th, I Declared Ice Out for the Season!

As of Wednesday, April 17th, I declared Ice Out for the season! The Ice Out process is fascinating to watch! It happens differently each year. On Monday this week, the lake was still covered with 80% ice. Later that day the winds picked up and howled for 24-30 hours at a steady 25-30mph. The ice broke up and started to move. By Tuesday evening it was all down at the south end of the lake and jamming up at the outlet to Chance Pond! The water was still flowing under the ice, so no flooding problems. On Wednesday morning that area had cleared out and a warmer sunny day created more melting. A small area of slushy ice remained close to the south shore Wednesday afternoon, but the outlet area, boat launch and rest of the lake were clear. I was told when the boat launch is clear and a boat can motor to the other end of the lake that is Ice Out. The sun is glistening on the lake once again! When I was out walking today, I heard and saw my first loon! Spring is here. We don’t have any buds on the trees and the first daffodils and crocuses haven’t appeared but the lake is back!

I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the new web site, Some people have commented about the missing web cam. We hope to have a new camera up and running at some point. Again, if you have any other suggestions for the site let me know. Our next project will be the Spring newsletter. It has been suggested that the WLA do an electronic newsletter. This will be a topic for discussion at the Board of Directors meeting in June. I would welcome any feedback with regard to switching from a hard copy newsletter, that is mailed, versus an electronic newsletter sent via email and as always posted on the website.

With the lake back and warmer temperatures coming, thoughts will be turning to cleaning up yards, opening cottages for summer and launching those boats. As always, the protection and health of our lake is very important. Please keep this in mind as you work on those Spring/Summer projects. I have contacted Amy Smagula from NH-DES and scheduled a Weed Watcher Education program for Saturday, July 6th at 10:00am. That is also the WLA Breakfast on the Beach celebration. The available dates in May were a little early, I thought, to have good attendance and August dates seemed too late. Her program runs 30-60 minutes depending on questions. She will be set up near the Steadman pavilion at Griffin Beach. This is a great program to learn about native and exotic plants in waterbodies. You will learn which ones are detrimental to the health of the lake and its wildlife habitats. Early spotting of anything invasive is the best line of defense for maintaining a healthy lake. This was the case with milfoil in Chance Pond. Amy encourages everyone to bring a sample of any plant you see in the lake that you would like identified. Mark your calendar for a fun and educational Saturday in July.

Now that the lake is back, I am looking forward to the houses around the lake coming alive also. There is sure to be a fisherman or 2 on the lake this weekend!
Happy Spring, Passover and Easter,


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