Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hello Everyone,

This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer! The Spring season hasn’t been too Springlike, lets hope the summer season fairs better. Boats and docks have started to appear on the lake and this weekend is sure to bring a lot of traffic to the boat launch. If you are coming back to the lake for the first time, since you left in the Fall, I hope you find your cottages have survived the winter just fine. Enjoy the beautiful view and feelings you get as you return. Welcome back!

The Spring 2019 WLA newsletter will be out soon, so watch your mailboxes in the next couple weeks. I want to thank Mark Field, our new web site designer, as he has created a fresh new look for the newsletter. I also want to thank Mark Lorenze, and Erin and John Sterbens, who contributed articles for the newsletter. If anyone has ideas you would like to see published in the newsletter, please send them along to me. I will be looking for more thoughts for our Fall issue.

Nancie Jacobsen, a WLA member who lives on North Shore Lane, contacted me about a boat lift they are selling. They wanted to offer it to WLA members first. I told her I would include her information in this email. It is a manual boat lift(appropriate for 3500lbs) for sale on Webster Lake. If you are interested, please call Craig at 603-315-9065 for details.

Along with enjoying the outdoor fun as the summer season begins, take a moment to remember all those who have died in military service for our country.

Enjoy your weekend and summer season with warmth, sunshine and safety on the water,


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