Fall Greetings!

Hi Everyone,

The colors have finally arrived and are making for very pretty picturesque scenes around the lake and NH as a whole. The bright sunshine today made the colors really pop! The sun still sparkles on the lake but there are very few boats and some docks left in the water. Remember the draw down of the lake is underway, so plan accordingly with final plans to get ready for winter.

About 13 WLA volunteers participated in the Fall WLA Clean Up Day this past Sunday. Thank you to Holly Johnson, Lenny Desharnais, Ruth and Kurt Marvin, Rider and Madelaine Griswold, Nan and Bruce Browne, Rick and Deb Budd, Sally Streitmatter, George Clemence and Kim Bonin. The crew collected 16 bags of trash around different areas of the lake. Our area is a better place because of you. Special thanks to Kim for coordinating this event. We look forward to making these annual events in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

The WLA Fall edition of the newsletter has gone to print and I am hoping it will arrive in your mailboxes in the next couple weeks. Mark Field’s creativity has produced another very nice newsletter filled with what we hope will be interesting reading.

Also, don’t forget the WLA Photo calendar is now on sale. I have heard from some who have already purchased it how beautiful it is. This is a small fundraiser for the WLA but a nice keepsake of the wonders of our lake. Go to http://www.createphotocalendars.com, click the Marketplace button and type in WLA in the search window and your choices will appear.

I had an email over the weekend about a mooring buoy that has disappeared. It belongs to a resident on Lake Shore Drive. It had been floating in the area of the Sucker Brook lily pads. The owners were notified that someone was seen taking it, but it was not the owners! If anyone has any information regarding this buoy and you would like to return it to the rightful owner, please contact me.

If you are still here at the lake, enjoy the fall colors and crisp days. Hopefully we have a few warm ones left.
Take care,

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