Happy New Year – 2022

Hi Everyone,

It is hard to believe another year has come to an end! What a year it has been as Covid continues to be dominant in our lives. I hope you will all stay safe and healthy as this next surge happens.

The lake is finally ice and snow covered. I believe the ice is here to stay now, so I have let Sara at DES know we have Ice In as of 12/26/2021. DES keeps track of the Ice In/Ice Out dates to see how Climate Change is affecting this data. I was very surprised on Monday morning to see the first bob house on the lake. Caution is recommended if you are venturing out onto the ice. The ice may be thick along the shore line, but ice thickness can vary across the lake. Especially with the little bit of snow cover, it is hard to see the opaque ice versus the dark ice. Be safe.

Happy New Year to everyone and may health, happiness and fun times at Webster Lake find you in 2022,


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