Winter Greetings – 2022

Hello Everyone,
Saturday’s nor’easter didn’t leave as much snow as predicted but the fresh blanket of 6 inches of powder made for a beautiful winter scene today. The strong winds  calmed, the sky was blue and the sun shone brightly. The winter beauty is right up there with the summer beauty. The past few weeks have been perfect winter days. There have been more than one day where the temperature has started below zero, but have warmed to the teens and twenties. The winter enthusiasts are out on the lake. The ice fishermen have placed there bob houses.  The snowmobilers finally have enough snow to ride the rail trail and the lake. Snowshoers, cross country skiers and ice skaters have been enjoying the lake as well. Yesterday there was even a person enjoying flying their kite. You get the picture that Webster Lake is a great place to be summer or winter!! I hope all of you are enjoying your winter places and staying healthy.
As much as I am raving about the winter, I am starting to think of our Spring and Summer activities. The Spring newsletter will be in the works in April. If any of you have an idea for an article, please let me know. Even better if you feel so inclined to write an article that would be greatly appreciated. As our Fall newsletter indicated volunteers are a big part of the Webster Lake community. If you have thoughts of helping out with an activity or would care to chair a committee, don’t hesitate to contact me.
We have had pretty good sales of our Webster Lake Calendar. It is still available for purchase, so if you forgot to buy one, you’ve only missed one month of the photos:) Go to  Click on the Marketplace button and type in WLA in the Search window. Your 2 options for purchase should appear.
Take care and hope there is more winter fun in February,


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