Ice Out – 2021!

Hello Everyone,

The lake has returned as Ice Out was declared late this afternoon – April 2nd! This process is always fascinating to watch and different in the way it happens. On Monday there were small areas of open water, but the very strong winds allowed for that water to start to break up the ice. Midweek brought temperatures in the 60’s that made for a gentle melting of many areas. The ice seemed to float from one end of the lake to the other. By yesterday afternoon, all the ice was at the southern half of the lake. Strong winds overnight and today pushed it all quickly to the southern shore and down the Chance Pond outlet.(See attached photos) Sunshine breaking through the clouds is once again sparkling on the lake surface. Get your boats ready!

To those of you who celebrate Passover, I hope you have enjoyed your celebrations this week. Happy Easter wishes to everyone celebrating the holiday this weekend. Although it has been very chilly today, milder temperatures are coming. The snow is just about gone, grass is starting to turn green and buds will be appearing on the trees soon. A wonderful new season to celebrate!

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and be well,

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