Summer is Arriving!

Hi Everyone,

The calendar has flipped over to June, but the summer weather we had last week forgot to come along with the change of month! By the looks of things around and on the lake, summer is arriving! It could be a busy one as the lake is becoming everyone’s destination in these crazy times. I hope you and your families are all still well. Continued thanks to all of you who are working the front lines.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in your WLA membership dues and additional donations! It is most appreciated. The WLA Board of Directors will be meeting on June 20th to discuss our activities for the summer. As soon as a final decision has been made on the best way to proceed with these activities, I will let you know.

As a result of Covid-19, many changes have been made in the way life is lived. NH Marine Patrol has announced that it will be waiving the requirement to take the proctored exam for the Safe Boater course. If you or someone in your family does not have a safe boater certificate, you might want to look into this. NH Lakes also put out a short video on Lake Friendly Boating.

As my brief email last week indicated, many residents have been bothered by one or maybe more nuisance bears. I was contacted by Justin Sutherland, NH Fish and Game Bear Technician. He sent me information about how to deter bears from your property. Here is a brochure for your reading. Food seems to be the biggest attraction, so please remove all bird feeders and try to secure your trash bins.

Our Lake Host program has started. We received late word just prior to Memorial Day weekend that our paid Lake Host would not be able to start until the weekend of June 13th. Debbie Steadman, who is our Coordinator recruited some volunteers who have graciously given their time over the past 2 weekends and will do so next weekend as well. A big thank you to Debbie, Denise Steadman, Peggy Cain, John & Erin Sterbens and Mark Lorenze. Both weekends were busy and it was nice to be able to have volunteers at the boat launch to educate everyone on preventing aquatic invasive species. There is a possibility we will need volunteers later in the summer, as well, if our paid Lake Host has to return to college. If anyone would like to volunteer for 2-4 hour shifts, please contact Debbie at

Lastly, along the lines of Aquatic Invasive Species, Tom O’Brien from NH Lakes contacted me about having the CD-3 unit here at the boat launch area again this year. This unit was purchased by NH Lakes last summer and it traveled to Webster Lake in the Fall. The unit will be visiting Webster Lake again June 11-June 18th. This unit can be utilized by boaters as they take their boats out of the lake to Clean, Drain, Dry and Dispose of any unwanted debris on their boats. I have included a couple photos. If you are at the lake during those days, stop by the boat launch and take a look.

Continue to stay safe, be healthy and enjoy our beautiful Webster Lake!


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