Happy Summer!

Good morning everyone,

What a perfect first day of summer here at the lake! To all of you who are here, enjoy the water. For those of you unable to be here, hope you have another way to stay cool. Looks like the whole week is going to be very summery.

The WLA board met yesterday and discussed our summer activities. As many of you have probably deduced, we have decided to cancel the Breakfast on the Beach, The Yard Sale and the Ice Cream Social for this year. We discussed ways to make these events happen, but felt in the long run it was best to not hold the events during this time of Covid-19. Also the Steadman Pavilion is not available for events, as the city does not want large gatherings at the beach. We are disappointed we will lose o some sense of community as these events are social gatherings for all of us here at Webster Lake. We will be having the Boat Parade on Saturday, July 4th at 2:30 (rain date will be Sunday, July 5th). We hope to have great participation and this will be a way to connect with one another, but be socially distant. We will also be celebrating our country’s birthday and the good life at the lake. The theme is whatever inspires you to decorate this year. Hope to see you on the water! The Little Free Libraries will not be placed on Webster Ave and at the Steadman Pavilion.

We appreciate all those members who have sent in their dues and additional donations. To those of you who haven’t sent in this year’s dues, remember to fill out the form received in the Spring newsletter or visit the website to print one out. This form helps us to keep our database of information up to date with any new email or mailing addresses and phone numbers. The membership dues will be our only source of income for this year. Thank you for your support. .

We also want to remind everyone that Chance Pond does have a recurrence of milfoil in the lower basin. Due to Covid-19, the State has not allocated funds for divers to be sent out to remove this growth. We will be looking into the possibility of using private divers to help us with this issue. The sign still remains up to encourage people not to kayak back and forth from Chance Pond to Webster Lake. When a couple of board members were volunteering as Lake Hosts, we noticed there are quite a few people who do this. We explained the milfoil issue, but we cannot force them to stay away. The board is encouraging that we have our Lake Host educate boaters on invasive species and we can ask kayakers who travel back and forth to stop at the boat launch and check their boat and paddles for pieces of milfoil.

Life at the lake may look a little different this year, as it does in all phases of our daily lives, but we are still very thankful we have this beautiful place that brings us solace and enjoyment. Remember to be good stewards of our lake so that it will continue to be beautiful.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads of Webster Lake,


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