Veterans’ Day Greetings!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you received the WLA Fall newsletter and enjoyed this edition’s articles. Feel free to suggest any thoughts on articles for the Spring edition.
Cottages are closed up and the lake has become very quiet these days. The leaves are falling and the colors are falling, but it is a beautiful sunny Fall day today. I hope you are all settled in your “winter” places. With Veterans Day coming up, I would like to thank all WLA Veterans and their families for your service and sacrifice given to our country. We appreciate you.

I received the final report from SOLitude Lake Management. This is the company who treated Chance Pond for invasive milfoil. You can read the report here. The final survey showed no signs of milfoil at this time which is terrific. The herbicide was successful. However, we must remain vigilant at monitoring the area for recurring growth. DES will survey again in the early summer. As you read in the Fall newsletter, Bonnie Moore is now a certified milfoil diver and will also be checking the area. She needs volunteers to help her when doing a dive. If you would like to be a volunteer when she does a survey, please let her or myself know. If you have any questions regarding the report, don’t hesitate to ask.

We also received our Final Lake Host report from NH Lakes. This program is so important for keeping our lake healthy. Webster Lake is free of any invasive species and we want to keep it that way. Our paid and volunteer lake hosts did 506 boat inspections from Memorial Day through Labor Day. There was one “save” made. Our Lake Host found an invasive Curly Leaf Pondweed on a boat before it entered the lake. This is why participating in the Lake Host program is so vital. Over 90,000 boat inspections were done in NH lakes this past summer. There were 15 “saves” made. Five of those saves were at lakes that are not infested with any invasive species. Thank you to our Lake Hosts, Sarah McLaughlin, Peggy Cain, Mark and Amy Field and Deb Steadman, who also coordinates our program. Give some thought to becoming a Lake Host next summer.

You will also find here, 3 different documents from NH Lakes.

Lake Advocates Network Letter – Valerie Perkins
Lake Advocates Network Program Description – Fall 2021
Lake Advocates Position Description – Fall 2021

They are looking for a representative from Webster Lake to join their new statewide Lake Advocates Network. This network will give lakes a voice in the state legislature. NH Lakes has advocated for clean and healthy lakes for 30 years. They are looking to make this network even stronger with representatives from multiple lake associations. Our group’s representative would be asked to commit to a 2 year term and give an average of one to four hours per month beginning in January 2022. There will be an informational webinar on November 15th at 7:00 to get further information. You need to let NH Lakes know if you are interested by November 30th. If you have a passion for working to keep lakes clean and healthy and are interested in advocating on the state and local level through grassroots organization, this position could be for you. Please read the attached documents for further information. It would be great to have a representative from Webster Lake on this network. Besides contacting NH Lakes, please let me know if you are interested.

The holidays are soon approaching and if you are in need of a gift idea, the WLA 2022 calendar makes a great gift choice. Buy you WLA calendar here. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a calendar thus far. The WLA does get a small percentage of each calendar sold.

Enjoy this nice weekend and take care,

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