What a Parade!

Hello Everyone,

The weather was perfect and everyone was ready to celebrate something wonderful in our lives. Your participation in this year’s boat parade was over the top! Our family has been coming to the lake for the 4th of July for many years and this was by far the most boats that we can remember being in the parade. I heard similar comments from others. The decorations were great and everyone was inspired with terrific spirit. The decorations and people along the shoreline cheering were amazing. Thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm in making this “not normal” 4th feel a little bit normal. I believe some photos have been shared on Facebook. Feel free to post more. I saw a comment from a member, who now lives in Washington State, that he enjoyed watching the parade on the Webster Lake web cam!

I also wanted to share a photo from a lake resident of our young eaglet in the nest on the lake. We don’t have any loon chicks but how cool to have our very own eagle nest.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe,


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