Happy New Year and Ice In! – 2024

Hello Everyone,

A new year has begun and hopefully 2024 is off to a great start for all of you.

It is finally a winter wonderland here at the lake. Lots of light and fluffy snow is falling, making for a beautiful picture. It may or may not stick around as the next storm on Tues/Wed is calling for rain and temperatures near 50. YUCk! All these crazy fluctuations in the temperatures have been making the Ice In process very interesting this year.

There were a couple days in late December where the lake froze, only for the ice to disappear the next day. However as of yesterday, we have Ice In again that will hopefully stay, but who knows. DES has a new tool to report Ice In/Ice Out dates. It allows for multiple dates to be reported in a season. As Sara Steiner puts it “With the ever changing climate, the new norm seems to be multiple periods of ice cover on our lakes instead of one longer period in the winter.” I will report it today and see where it goes from here. I am missing our lake as a winter playground.

Happy New Year to all of you!
Take care and stay safe,

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