The Heart of the Summer!

Hi Everyone,

The heart of the summer is about to begin and the warmer temperatures have finally arrived. Let’s hope they stay with us. These next couple weeks are typically the busiest of the season here at Webster Lake. I hope you are all ready to have safe and happy Independence Day celebrations.

A few reminders of WLA activities:

Saturday, July 6th
Breakfast on the Beach 8:00am to 11:00am at Griffin Beach.
Loon tote bag raffle during the Breakfast.
Amy Smagula from DES will be at Griffin Beach at 10:00am to provide a Weed Watcher program. Please feel free to bring plant samples from the lake that you would like identified.
The Boat Parade will be at 2:30pm. This year’s theme is “Music through the Ages”. Boats will meet at Griffin Beach and cruise counter clockwise around the lake.
I hope to see a great turn out for all events.

Independence Day celebrations often include fireworks. As you all know the WLA frowns upon the setting off of fireworks into the lake. NH State law prohibits the launching of fireworks into a body of water without permission. We are trying to preserve and protect our lake. Debris from fireworks that enter the lake are doing the opposite of that mission. Please find a location to enjoy fireworks that is safe for your spectators as well as away from the lake. Please also be mindful of the noise that can disturb neighbors and pets. Franklin does a have a noise curfew of 9:30pm.

A big thank you to all those who have paid their membership dues and most generously have made additional donations. It is much appreciated! Your dues is used to defray costs of water testing, Lake Host volunteers, beaver dam management and projects in the future that may need to be addressed to keep our lake healthy. There will be a table at the Breakfast on the Beach for you to update your contact information as well as pay your dues.

Earlier this Spring, Rowell’s Septic Services offered a reduced fee for pumping of septic tanks around the lake. They set aside 2 days around Memorial Day weekend to offer this discount. I did not get this information out to all of you as I was under the assumption that Rowell’s contacted lake residents for this service. Since some of you may have missed this opportunity, I called Rowell’s to see if they were going to offer any other “Webster Lake Days” this summer. They informed me that the Friday before Columbus Day weekend, October 11th and the Tuesday after Columbus Day, October 15th, they will be offering the discount again. The rate is $150 per 1000 gallon tank and then 15 cents a gallon over 1000 gallons. Keep this in mind if you think your septic tank will need to be done after a busy summer season.

It is once again time to start taking and submitting photos for the WLA calendar. As you know, the calendar is one of the WLA’s main fundraisers. We depend on your creativity and inspiration to enable us to publish a beautiful calendar that our community, family and friends will enjoy throughout the year. We encourage photos that highlight the natural beauty of the lake and its wildlife, rather than pictures of family and friends. You can submit as many photos as you like. Please use info@websterlake or to email your photos. Due to the number of submissions, not all photos will be selected for the calendar. Thank you for helping the WLA by submitting your photos! Please remember that the photos should be jpeg format.

Finally, I reported earlier that we had a nesting loon. That first loon nest has been abandoned, however a second nest has been spotted and hopefully a new chick will hatch the latter part of July. A sign has been posted indicating a loon nesting location. Please respect this area in your travels on the water. These are beautiful birds that love our lake and we want them to keep returning.

Enjoy the summer and have a safe and happy 4th of July,


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